A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Made for the Livre Game Jam 2019 by:

  • Leandro Satoshi
  • Luís Eduardo Rozante

You could only use open source software for developing your game and the theme was: "Alchemy".

Made using Godot Engine, Krita and Gimp (Also one of the developers was using Linux =D).

Some achievements were also provided, this game tried to get:

  • Make an alternative ending
  • Living is overrated: make a game where all characters are dead
  • Jack of All Trades: make an item that is used in more than one situation
  • Use a 16 bit color palette.

The project is also open source and is available on https://github.com/LuisEduardoR/Skelemist.

The development of this game will continue and a lot of content is planned!

Install instructions

Extract the files to your preferred folder and run! (Remember to keep the extracted files together)


Skelemist (Fixed Jam Build) [Windows] 10 MB
Skelemist (Fixed Jam Build) [Linux] 12 MB
Skelemist (Original Jam Build) [Windows] 11 MB
Skelemist (Original Jam Build) [Linux] 12 MB

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